Waverley Steamer

19 April, 2011 - The Design of Long Span Bridges

Macmillan Memorial lecture

Michel Virlogeux

Michel Virlogeux will use the design of long span bridges as a vehicle for discussing the role of the design engineer in the multidisciplinary context of major construction projects,…

Michel Virlogeux is the foremost bridge engineer worldwide. His major works include: the Pont de Normandie over the Seine which, when built in 1995, was the longest cable stayed bridge span (856 metres) and the Millau Viaduct which spans the valley of the Tarn in Southern France. That he is recogised for his leading role in such projects, where close teamwork is required, attests to his pre-eminence. He graduated from the prestigious French university the Ecole Nationale de Pont et Chaussee in 1970 and was awarded an Engineering Doctorate from the Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris. His early career was with the French Highway Administration. In 1995 he established his own consulting firm. He has won many awards internationally for his work on bridge design.

19 April, 2011 - Michel Virlogeux, Special Lecture for Young People

Michel Virlogeux will discuss the role of the professional engineer in the design and construction of bridges giving examples from his own experience and will talk about the work of bridge engineers from the past. This will be an excellent opportunity to hear about professional engineering from one of the great practitioners of our age.