Waverley Steamer

21 November, 2011 – Bridging the Infrastructure Gap

MacMillan Memorial Lecture

Gus Macdonald, Lord Macdonald of Tradeston

Global demand for more and better infrastructure is growing relentlessly - in transport, energy, water and communications. Governments also want increased investment in infrastructure to help drive economic recovery. But in these recessionary times the key problem is lack of funding. Drawing on OECD research and his experience of business and politics, Gus Macdonald explores the challenges faced by governments and investors in bridging the growing infrastructure gap.

Gus Macdonald served an apprenticeship as a marine engineer in Stephen & Sons shipyard on Clydeside. He was a successful broadcaster and businessman before being elevated to the House of Lords in 1998 as Minister for Business and Industry at the Scottish Office. Subsequent UK Government posts were Minister of Transport, in attendance at Cabinet (1999-2001), and Minister for the Cabinet Office (2001-03). He was a steering group member for the OECD's Futures Programme on "Infrastructure to 2030", and is on the advisory board for OECD's International Transport Forum. He is also Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University.

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