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Awards and Prizes

Since the early days of the Institution, the Council has had power to offer one or more awards to honour engineers or others who in the opinion of the Council have presented outstanding papers, who have made exceptional contributions to the art or science of engineering or who have helped to promote the interests of the engineering industry or of the Institution in some significant way. Some previous winners are given below.

The Institution Gold Medal

For papers of exceptional merit.

1898-1899 Prof Archibald Barr Comparisons of Similar Structure and Machines
1956-1957 H Volpich & I C Bridge Paddle Wheels
1961-1962 D G M Watson Estimating Preliminary Dimensions in Ship Design
1976-1977 H G MacDonald Forth Tanker Berth for 250,000 Ton d.w.t. Tankers Loading North Sea Oil from B.P Forties Field


The Institution Medal

Awarded to the best paper on any subject not comprehended by the Marine and Railway Engineering Medals.

1865-1866 James Robertson Frictional Screw Motions and Applications
1869-1870 Peter Carmichael On the Bursting of Two Steam Boilers by Hydraulic Pressure
1874-1875 Hector MacColl The Strength of Cylindrical Boiler Shells
1879-1880 John Thomson The St Petersburg Water Works
1881-1882 Joseph Moore Hydraulic Machinery for Deep Mining
1883-1884 Ralph Moore Cable Tramways
1888-1889 Prof Andrew Jamieson The Designing of Continuous Current Dynamo Machines


The Marine Engineering Medal

Awarded to the best paper on Marine Engineering.

1865-1866 N Barnaby The Connection of Iron and Steel Plates in Shipbuilding
1874-1875 William Denny The Difficulties of Speed Calculation
1877-1878 James Howden The Action of the Screw Propellor
1881-1882 James Hamilton, Jun The Comparative Commercial Efficiency of some Steam Ships
1883-1884 John Harvard Biles The Stability of Ships at Launching
1888-1889 Prof Philip Jenkins The Stability of Oil Carrying Steamers
1892-1893 Sinclair Couper The Return Tubular Marine Boiler for High Pressures


The Railway Engineering Medal

Awarded to the best paper on Railway Engineering.

1881-1882 Charles Pullar Hogg St. Enoch Railway Station
1884-1885 Andrew S Biggart The Construction of the Great Tubes of the Forth Bridge and Sinking the Cylinders of the Tay Bridge by Pontoons
1890-1891 Thomas M Barr The Renewal of Railway Viaducts and Bridges on the Northern Division of the Caledonian Railway, 1880-88


The WW Marriner Premium

Report of the Council, Session 1941-42: On behalf of the late Mr. W. W. Marriner, his four sons and daughter have generously endowed an additional annual award for papers read before the Institution. The award will be known as the "W. W. Marriner" Premium, and will consist of books or instruments to the value of £5. It will be regarded as the highest award normally made, but for papers of exceptional merit a gold medal may be awarded in addition to the "W. W. Marriner" Premium.

1941-1942 Dr G Hughes Influence of the Shape of Blade Section on Singing of Propellors
1942-1943 J L Adam Developments in Welded Ship Construction
1943-1944 C S Lillicrap & C J G Jensen Ship Structural Members - Part II
1945-1946 H H Hagan Shipyard Layout and Technique for Welded Construction
1946-1947 R Beeching The Resistance to Cavitation Erosion of Propellor Alloys
1948-1949 W Heigh Economy by Efficient Calculation
1949-1950 W P Walker Tank Tests with Towboats and Barges in Deep and Shallow Water
1950-1951 N V Pestereff Alternating Current Supplies for Auxiliary Plant on Board Ship
1951-1952 H Lackenby On the Acceleration of Ships
1951-1952 A E Fothergill Vibrations in Marine Engineering
1952-1953 A R Mitchell Tunnel Type Vessels
1953-1954 Prof A S T Thomson, Prof A W Scott, W Ferguson & H L McBroom Some Factors in the Design and Lubrication of Journal Bearings
1954-1955 F T Barwell, A A Milne & J S Webber Some Experiments on Oscillating Bearings
1955-1956 R M Kenedi, W Shearer Smith & F O Fahmy Light Structures - Research and its Application to Economic Design
1956-1957 J Paton & W G N Geddes Civil Engineering Contributions to Shipbuilding
1958-1959 Cmdr E H W Platt Modern Tanker Practice for Cargo Handling Equipment
1959-1960 E G Russell Roberts Refrigerating Plant for Very Large Marine Air Conditioning Installations
1960-1961 H Lindgren Cavitation Tunnel Tests with Merchant Ship Propellors
1961-1962 W Millen Adam The Integration of Production, Costing and Financial Controls in General Engineering
1962-1963 C C Pounder Marine Diesel Engines: Some Comments on Current Trends
1963-1964 N S Miller The Accuracy of Numerical Integration in Ship Calculations
1964-1965 F G West Practices and Developments in Off-Shore Oil Exploration and Production
1965-1966 J L Steward The Role of the Accountant in a Shipyard
1972-1973 G R Todd Performance of Modern Power Station Plant
1974-1975 Marshall Meek Operating Experiences of Large Container Ships
1975-1976 L Sinclair Propellor Blade Strength
1976-1977 D G M Watson & A W Gilfillan Some Ship Design Methods
1978-1979 F R Harris Recent Progress in the Design of Large Steam Turbines
1980-1981 Murray S Easton Advanced Outfitting Relating to Warship Construction
1992-1993 John M Ferguson Safety of Bulk Carriers
1993-1994 Dr Andrew Spyros Oil Tankers and the Environment
1994-1995 Prof C D W Wilkinson Nano Electronics
1996-1997 Robin C Reid Forensic Engineering and Expert Evidence
1997-1998 Andrew D Bailey Fast Ferries
1998-1999 Joh de Bruin Modern Developments in Hopper Dredgers - a Contractor's Viewpoint
1999-2000 Dr S N Smith Design and Operation of Floating Production Systems
2002-2003 Prof John P Paul Engineering Aspects of Joint Replacement Implants and Artificial Limbs
2004-2005 Peter L Fraenkel Marine Current Turbines: Progress with Tidal Turbine Development


The Institution Premium

A premium of books, initially, awarded for papers read during the session.

1883-1884 Robert L Weighton The Compound Engine Viewed in its Economical Aspect
1883-1884 Messrs Purvis & Kindermann Approximations to Curves of Stability from Data for Known Ships
1886-1887 Hector MacColl The Shafting of Screw Steamers
1886-1887 Gilbert M Hunter Ailsa Craig Lighthouse, Oil Gas Work, and Fog Signal Machinery
1888-1889 Charles Lang Evaporation
1888-1889 Andrew Brown Dredging and Dredging Appliances
1890-1891 Prof Jamieson The Electric Lighting of Public Buildings
1890-1891 John Laidlaw Centrifugal Action in Practical Work
1890-1891 Henry A Mavor The Development of Electric Distribution
1892-1893 John Barr Testing Machinery and Electric Water Level Recording Apparatus
1892-1893 W Carlile Wallace Some Causes of Failure in Tunnel Shafting
1893-1894 William Arnot The Glasgow Corporation Electric Light Supply
1893-1894 Alexander Morton Rotatory and Re-action Engines
1894-1895 Prof W H Watkinson Water Tube Boilers
1894-1895 James M Gale The Extension of the Loch Katrine Water Works
1894-1895 W Carlile Wallace Electrical Transmission of Power in Shipyards and on Board Merchant Steamers
1896-1897 Alexander Morton The Maximum Elasticity and Density of Steam
1896-1897 Nisbet Sinclair Notes on the Estimation of the Power of Steamships at Sea, and of Feed-and Circulating-Water at Sea
1897-1898 T R Murray The Theory and Practice of Mechanical Refrigeration
1897-1898 Prof E J Mills Photo-Surveying
1897-1898 F J Rowan Water-Tube Boilers
1897-1898 G Gretchin Notes on the Belleville Boilers of the T.S.S. 'Kherson'
1898-1899 C A Matthey The Mechanics of the Centrifugal Machine
1898-1899 James Weir The Problem of Combustion in Water-tube Boilers and a Means of its Solution
1898-1899 Prof John Oliver Arnold The Internal Architecture of Metals
1899-1900 A B McDonald Glasgow Main Drainage
1899-1900 David Cowan Workshop Administration: With special reference to Tracking Work and Promptly Ascertaining Detailed Costs and Profits
1900-1901 William Melville City Union Railway Widening and Extension of St. Enoch's Station
1901-1902 William Brown Dredging and Modern Dredge Plant
1901-1902 A Marshall Downie The Design and Construction of Fly-Wheels for Slow-Speed Engines for Electric Lighting and Traction Purposes
1901-1902 J Foster King Rudders
1902-1903 Konrad Andersson Steam Turbines: With special reference to the De Laval Type of Turbine
1902-1903 Dr J Bruhn Some Points in Connection with the Riveted Attachments in Ships
1903-1904 John J Johnston The Uses of the Intergraph in Ship Calculations
1904-1905 Dr J Bruhn Methods of Estimating the Strength of Ships
1904-1905 A Melencovich Multiple Steam Turbines
1905-1906 E M Speakman The Determination of the Principal Dimensions of the Steam Turbine, with Special Reference to Marine Work
1905-1906 H Norman Leask Refuse Destructors
1906-1907 W L Spence The Mechanism of Power Transmission from Electric Motors
1906-1907 Robert Royds The Most Economical Mean Effective Pressure for Steam Engines
1946-1947 K J Pascoe Stresses and Deflections of Two Cargo Liners during Launching
1946-1947 J M Murray Longitudinal Bending Moments
1949-1950 J Williamson Loch Sloy Hydro-Electric Scheme: Pipes, Valves and Water-Control Gear
1949-1950 L Blake T.S.S. Golfito - Gears
1949-1950 W Lochridge Fairfree - Fishing Vessel and Floating Factory Development
1952-1953 D S Gordon Instruments and Techniques in Vibration Research
1952-1953 Sir William Wallace Experiences in the Stabilisation of Ships
1993-1994 Messrs Hornby, Abell & Plato Explosives Handling Jetty - RNAD Coulport
1994-1995 J M Ferguson Detail Design for Double Hull Tankers
1996-1997 Donald Davidson Water - The Scottish Dimension
1997-1998 Alan A Mortimer Power from the Wind


The Sir Robert Easton Award

for outstanding service to the Institution

2012 William S Ross
2012 Harry D Osborn
2014 Ian Ramsay
2016 David Watson


The Glasgow Caledonian University Awards

Awarded to the best final year students in the following courses:-

BEng (Hons) in Mechanical & Power Systems Engineering

BEng (Hons) in Electrical Power Engineering

BEng (Hons) in Mechanical-Electronic Systems Engineering

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