Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame

Hugh Miller MacMillan

Hugh Miller MacMillan was born in Glasgow and was educated at Allan Glen's School and at the University, where he graduated B.Sc. in 1900. His apprenticeship was served with the Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd, Govan, and then at the age of 24 he became chief draughtsman with Wigham, Richardson & Co. Ltd., Wallsend, Northumberland. He was subsequently appointed general manager of the company. Thereafter and until just prior to the 1914-18 war he was shipyard manager with Workman, Clark & Co., Belfast. During the war years he held the position of shipbuilding manager and director of the Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd. Whilst with Fairfield he had a very lucky escape from death when the submarine K 13 sank whilst on trials in the Gareloch. He had just disembarked before her last fatal dive to have lunch on the ship tendering to the submarine.

In 1919 he purchased an 11-acre site at Scotstoun, Glasgow, and founded the Blythswood Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., of which he was chairman and managing director until his death. His interest in the construction of tankers was such that at a very early stage in the life of the new company he patented, jointly with Dr. J. Montgomerie, a former Chief Surveyor of Lloyd's Register of Shipping, a system for the construction of oil tankers and was thus early in the field with modern methods for ensuring structural strength for this type of vessel.

Hugh MacMillan was associated with many shipbuilding organizations, having been a member of the London Committee of Lloyd's Register of Shipping, and of the Scottish Committee. He was also a member of the Policy Committee and the Executive Committee of the Shipbuilding Conference, the Executive Committee of the Clyde Shipbuilders' Association, and the Central Board of the Shipbuilding Employers' Federation.

Hugh MacMillan joined the Institution as a Member in 1900. He died in Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, on 4th October, 1957. He was about 80 years of age. His four daughters endowed an annual memorial lecture and dinner.

MacMillan Memorial Lectures

1958-59 Rt Hon Viscount Simon CMG The Place of the Technologist in Management
1959-60 Prof A C B Lovell Radio Astronomy and the Structure of the Universe
1960-61 Sir Alexander Fleck Interdependence of Engineering and Chemistry
1961-62 Rt Hon Viscount Chandos Jungle-or Cloister? - Some Thoughts on the Present Industrial Scene
1962-63 Sir Miles Thomas Air and Sea Transport-Friends or Foes?
1963-64 Rt Hon Lord Robens of Woldingham Coal-Its place in the National Economy
1964-65 Prof Sir Denis Brogan Democracy in a Technological World
1965-66 Prof P M S Blackett Continental Drift
1966-67 Alistair Cooke The Jet Age and the Habits of Man
1967-68 Huw Wheldon Perspectives on Television
1968-69 Rt Hon Lord Beeching Organisation
1969-70 Prof C Northcote Parkinson The Status of the Engineer
1970-71 Sir Alec Cairncross Economic Growth
1971-72 Prof Sir Fred Hoyle Astronomical Instruments and their Construction
1972-73 Sir James Lighthill Aquatic Animal Locomotion
1973-74 M A Sinclair Scott Shipbuilding - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
1974-75 Dr B J Mason Recent Developments in Weather Forecasting
1975-76 Lord Home The Meaning of Freedom - Crisis of Democracy
1976-77 Sir Alfred Pugsley Engineering Science and its Creators
1977-78 R G L McCrone The Scottish Economy - Its Problems and Opportunities
1978-79 Prof John Lenihan Paradox and Partnership-The Engineer's Contribution to Medicine
1979-80 Admiral Sir Horace Law Belief and Discipline in a Free Society
1980-81 Prof J M Halliday Robert Napier-The Father of Clyde Shipbuilding
1981-82 Dr I T Draper The Evolution of an Ideal Control System
1982-83 Rear Admiral W J Graham The Royal National Lifeboat Insitution
1983-84 Lord J Grimond The State of British Politics with particular reference to Scotland
1984-85 Dame Margaret Weston The Science Museum and Change-Over the Last Thirty Years
1985-86 Rt Hon Lord Thomson of Monifeith Does Public Broadcasting Have a Future? The Challenge of the New Technologies
1986-87 Kenneth Grange 1st to 3rd and Back
1987-88 L Rolland Architecture - the Unavoidable Art
1988-89 Peter Wickens Nissan's Philosophy
1989-90 Ivor Owen Design and Industries Performance
1990-91 Sir Campbell Fraser Corporate Governance
1991-92 Commander P Christmas Commanding the Deterrent1
1992-93 Prof Andrew Bain The Future of Manufacturing in Scotland
1993-94 Dr John Brown Clydebank - The Shipyard That Named A Town
1994-95 Dr Alan Rudge Multimedia and the Information Superhighway
1995-96 Prof Robert T Beaty The Relentless Progress of Technology - An Opportunity or a Threat?
1996-97 Mark Goyder Tomorrow's Company - Work, Worth and Wealth
1997-98 Prof Sir Alec N Broers The Role and Education of the Creative Engineer
1998-99 Prof Murdoch MacLennan The Press We Deserve
1999-2000 Jeff Young Design and Construction of Tsing Ma Bridge
2000-01 John C Hutchison The Engineer in the Community
2001-02 Prof Jim McDonald Electric Propulsion in Marine Applications: An Electrical Engineer's Viewpoint
2002-03 Dr Peter Hughes Scottish Engineering - A Proud Past, An Exciting Future
2003-04 Stephen Payne Genesis of a Queen
2004-05 Dr Wilson Flood Why did the Vikings call it Greenland? - Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming and Climate Change
2005-06 Not delivered
2006-07 Lord Weir Manufacturing
2007-08 Professor John Hume The Impact of Engineers on Scotland: 1858-2008
2008-09 Dr Tanya Vladimirova Challenges of Engineering in Space
2009-10 Professor T S Baines The Practical Challenges of Delivering a Product-Service System
2010-11 Dr Michel Virlogeux The Design of Long Span Bridges
2011-12 Gus Macdonald, Lord Macdonald of Tradeston Bridging the Infrastructure Gap
2012-13 Ed McCann Architectural and Engineering Alchemy
2013-14 Victoria Martin God Particle or God-damn Particle? - work at the Hadron Collider
2014-15 David Stewart Hybrid Air Vehicles - The Airlander Project
2015-16 Douglas Anderson Optical Engineering
2016-2017 David Climie & Michael Martin Queensferry Crossing
2017-2018 Ian Callum Car Design in the 21st Century
2018-2019 Gordon McConnell Design of Airbus 350

1 No written paper