Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame

Marlow (Scotland) Lectures

Sir Iain Maxwell Stewart, President of IESIS 1961-63, established a biennial lecture and dinner. The following note appears in Transactions in 1963:
"It will be remembered that the Presidential Address in 1961, by Mr. I.M. Stewart, B.Sc., dealt with the subject of industrial relations, and he returned to the same subject in a paper read during the past session. During the past year a group representing many walks of life met in Marlow and published what has become known as the Marlow Declaration. Industrial relations figure prominently in that Declaration, which seeks to encourage discussion and research on the subject.

"Due mainly to the efforts of Mr. Stewart, a biennial lecture has been established in Scotland. This will be delivered before the Institution in alternate years: the first lecture will be delivered in 1964 and will deal with the problem of the casual worker. An advisory committee consisting of the President as chairman, the Convenor of the Publications Committee, and three or more representatives from the Scottish Universities will determine the subjects for future research, the lectures and the work to be done.

"The expenses of the first lecture have been privately provided, and at a recent meeting an appeal was launched for the establishment of an endowment fund."

Marlow Lecturers

1964-65 Professor K J W Alexander Casual Labour and Labour Casualties
1966-67 L C Hunter Problems of Labour Supply in Shipbuilding
1968-69 Prof T L Johnston Industrial Democracy Revisited
1970-71 Lionel Murray Trade Unions and the State - 1964 to 1970 in Retrospect
1972-73 Sir Iain M Stewart Redundancy - the Scrap Heap or a New Job Opportunity?
1974-75 Pat Lowry Willingly to Work
1976-77 Sir Montague Finniston The Developing Role of Management in Industry
1978-79 Lord George-Brown Britain's Future-The Significance of the European Dimension
1980-81 Prof A M Bowey Productivity Improvements in Engineering-Microprocessors or Motivation?
1982-83 J E Bolton Small Firms and the New Industrial Revolution
1984-85 John Garnett Unitled paper on industrial relations and the role of the Industrial Society
1986-87 Gavin H Laird Does Industry and Trade Unionism Matter?
1988-89 Prof Neil Hood Inward Investment and the Scottish Economy, Past, Present and Future
1990-91 Rt Hon George Younger Public Attitudes to Industry in the 1990s
1992-93 Sir William Lithgow Industry - Society's Power Plant
1994-95 Dr Ian M H Preston The Challenges of Change
1996-97 Prof Ivan Yates Government, Finance and Industry: Making Sense of Creating Wealth
1998-99 Lex Gold The Keys to Future Economic Success
2000-01 Prof Eddie Friel Cities in the 21st Century: Glasgow Competing in the Global Economy
2003-04 Sheriff J Irvine Smith The Trial of Captain Green, 1705; A Postscript to the Scheme of Darien
2005-06 Dr Barry Cleasby UK Science and Engineering Skills
2009-10 Prof V I Vitanov Autonomous Robots
2011-12 Fred M Walker Traditional Ship Launching