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24 September 2013 IESIS adopts Statement of Ethical Principles

At its meeting on 24 September 2013, IESIS Council adopted a Statement of Ethical Principles to set a standard to which members practising as Professional Engineers should aspire in their working habits and relationships. The values on which it is based should apply in every situation in which professional engineers exercise their judgement. Four fundamental principles for guiding engineers in achieving the ideals of professional life are set out in the IESIS Statement of Ethical Principles

29 May 2013 New version of energy website launched

The iesisenergy website  delivers a clear message.  Government policy for the development of the GB Electricity System (i.e. the generation and transmission facilities) should be based on the results of reliable studies.  These seek to achieve outcomes which reduce the latent uncertainties inherent in the System to a level that is appropriate to the context. An important feature would be that all relevant issues would be considered.
The Electricity System should have an appropriate proportion of each type of electricity generation but not more than is appropriate.  Reliable studies would identify appropriate proportions.
At the heart of the reliable studies would be a Total System Analysis that would assess the cost,  emissions reduction and Security of Supply.

18 April 2013 Last lecture of the 2012-13 session

The lecture on 17 April 2013 was organised jointly with the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow - a new partnership for IESIS. Peter Jones, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Edinburgh University spoke about collaboration - about how ideas are best generated by groups of people who have 'conversations' the purpose of which is to share ideas taking account of alternative points of view. He used Ove Arup (for whom he has written a biography - Ove Arup Master Builder of the 20th Century ISBN: 978-0300112962) as an example of a person who had made this philosophy work to his advantage. Such an approach lies at the heart of successful multidisciplinary project work in engineering.

10 April 2013 IESIS supports Primary Engineer initiative

After the IESIS AGM on 9 April 2013 Susan Scurlock gave a presentation about the work of Primary Engineer for which she is the CEO. This organisation provides support for primary school teachers to have engineering projects in the curriculum. As a result many primary school pupils are learning about engineering. Such activity supports the fundamental aims of IESIS: to promote engineering to young people and to promote engineering competence - in this context from an early age; this is the ideal time to start. We are working with Susan to seek to identify ways that IESIS can support the Primary Engineer project.

12 March 2013 Engineering Policy Group Scotland (EPGS)

IESIS has a representative on this group the fundamental objectives of which are 'to provide feedback into government thinking and to proactively raise matters of relevance with government'. The policy group comprises senior members from Scottish industry, academia and professional organisations engaged with Scottish issues. A main activity of the Group is to organise briefing sessions for MSPs at Holyrood. Such sessions have addressed the problems of energy policy and Science Technology , Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills. A forthcoming meeting of this nature at Holyrood will be about the recruitment of women in engineering.

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