Past Presidents of IESIS

1857-59 William John MacQuorn Rankine, LL.D., FRSE, FRS, Regius Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Glasgow University.
1859-61 Walter Montgomerie Neilson, Hyde Park Locomotive Works, Glasgow.
1861-63 William Johnstone, Resident Engineer. Glasgow and South Western Railway. Glasgow.
1863-65 James Robert Napier, Engineer and Shipbuilder. Glasgow.
1865-67 James Gray Lawrie, Engineer and Shipbuilder. Glasgow.
1867-69 James Morris Gale, Engineer, Glasgow Corporation Water Works.
1869-70 #1 William John MacQuorn Rankine, LL.D., FRSE, FRS, Regius Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Glasgow University.
1870-72 David Rowan, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1872-74 Robert Duncan, Shipbuilder, Port Glasgow.
1874-76 Hazelton Robson Robson, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1876-78 Robert Bruce Bell, Civil Engineer, Glasgow.
1878-80 Robert Mansel, Shipbuilder, Glasgow.
1880-82 John Lennox Kincaid Jamieson, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1882-84 James Reid, Hyde Park Locomotive Works, Glasgow.
1884-86 James Thomson, LL.D., FRS, Regius Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Glasgow University.
1886-87 William Denny, Shipbuilder, Dumbarton.
1887-89 Alexander Carnegie Kirk, LL.D., Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1889-91 Ebenezer Kemp, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1891-93 Robert Dundas, Resident Engineer, Southern Division, Caledonian Railway, Glasgow.
1893-95 John Inglis, LL.D., Engineer and Shipbuilder, Glasgow.
1895-97 Sir William Arrol, LL.D., M.P., Engineer and Bridge Builder, Glasgow.
1897-99 George Russell, Mechanical Engineer, Motherwell.
1899-01 Robert Caird, LL.D., FRSE, Shipbuilder, Greenock.
1901-03 William Foulis, Engineer, Glasgow Corporation Gas Works.
1903-05 Sir Archibald Denny, Bt., LL.D., Shipbuilder, Dumbarton.
1905-07 James Gilchrist, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1907-09 John Ward, Shipbuilder, Glasgow.
1909-10 Charles Pullar Hogg, Civil Engineer, Glasgow.
1910-11 Archibald Barr, LL.D., D.Sc., Regius Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Glasgow University.
1911-13 Ebenezer Hall-Brown, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1913-15 Robert Thomas Moore, D.Sc., Civil and Mining Engineer, Glasgow.
1915-17 William Walker Lackie, CBE, Engineer and Manager, Glasgow Corporation Electricity Works.
1917-19 Alexander Cleghorn, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1919-21 Thomas Blackwood Murray, D.Sc., Automobile Engineer, Glasgow.
1921-23 Harold Edgar Yarrow, CBE, Engineer and Shipbuilder, Glasgow.
1923-25 James Howden Hume, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1925-27 Archibald Jack Campbell, Shipbuilder, Dalmuir.
1927-29 Ralph David Moore, B.Sc., Steel Founder, Glasgow.
1929-31 Col. Sir James Lithgow, Bt., M.C., D.L., Shipbuilder, Port Glasgow.
1931-33 Archibald Gilchrist, OBE, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1933-35 John Dewar Cormack, CMG, CBE, D.Sc., Regius Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Glasgow University.
1935-37 Percy Archibald Hillhouse, D.Sc., Professor of Naval Architecture, Glasgow University.
1937-39 Alfred Charles Gardner, FRSE, Engineer, Clyde Navigation Trust, Glasgow.
1939-41 Wilfrid Ayre, Shipbuilder, Burntisland.
1941-43 Frederick Charles Stewart, Engineer, Glasgow.
1943-45 A. Murray Stephen, M.C., B.A., Shipbuilder, Glasgow.
1945-47 Allan Stevenson, CBE, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.
1947-49 James M. McNeill, M.C., LL.D., Naval Architect, Clydebank.
1949-51 Gilbert Cook, D.Sc., FRS, Regius Professor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Glasgow University.
1951-52 Sir Andrew McCance, D.L., D.Sc., LL.D., FRS, Metallurgist, Glasgow.
1952-54 Sir William Wallace, CBE, FRSE, Mechanical Engineer, Edinburgh.
1954-56 Andrew McCance Robb, D.Sc., John Elder Professor of Naval Architecture, Glasgow University.
1956-57 Sir Harold E. Yarrow, Bt., CBE, LL.D., Engineer and Shipbuilder, Glasgow.
1957-59 James Small, D.Sc., Ph.D., James Watt Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Glasgow University.
1959-61 John Brown, B.Sc., Naval Architect, Clydebank.
1961-63 Iain Maxwell Stewart, B.Sc., Engineer, Glasgow.
1963-65 Adam Simpson Turnbull Thomson, D.Sc, Ph.D., FRSE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Royal College of Science and Technology, Glasgow.
1965-67 James Lenaghan, CBE, Shipbuilder, Glasgow.
1967-69 William Proudfoot Walker, Naval Architect, Edinburgh.
1969-71 Sir J. W. Atwell, CBE, M.Sc., FRSE, Engineer, Glasgow.
1973-73 William M. Cormie, CBE, B.Sc., Civil Engineer, Glasgow.
1973-75 J. Burton Davies, B.Sc., CEng., Naval Architect, Glasgow.
1975-77 A. W. Scott, CBE, Ph.D., B.Sc, CEng.
1977-79 W. George N. Geddes, CBE, B.Sc., FEng., FRSE, Civil Engineer, Glasgow.
1979-81 B. N. Baxter, M.Sc., Ph.D., CEng., Naval Architect, Glasgow.
1981-83 J. A. Turner, B.Sc., CEng., Mechanical Engineer, Clydebank.
1983-85 Alexander M. M. Stephen, B.A., CEng., Shipbuilder, Glasgow.
1985-87 John Rorke, CBE, B.Sc., Ph.D., FRSE, CEng.
1987-89 Thomas O. Leith, OBE, B.Sc., CEng., Mechanical Engineer, Glasgow.
1989-91 H. C. Simpson, B.Sc. Sc.D., FRSE, Professor
1991-93 I.C. Broadley, B.Sc., CEng., F.INST.E .,  Mechanical Engineer. Glasgow.
1993-95 J. Neumann, CBE, FEng., Mechanical Engineer, Glasgow.
1995-97 Douglas Faulkner, Wh.Sc., R.C.N.C., Ph.D., D.Sc., FREng., Professor of Naval Architecture, Glasgow.
1997-99 Sir Robert Easton, CBE, D.Univ., Shipbuilder, Glasgow.
1999-01 Carlo Dinardo, CEng., Civil Engineer, Paisley.
2001-01 #2 Dan Kirkwood, B.Sc.(Hons), Ph.D., CEng., Professor of Metallurgy, Glasgow.
2001-04 Anthony Slaven, M.A., BLitt, FRHistS., Professor of History, Glasgow
2004-06 Crawford F. Gorrie, CEng.,  Engineer, Glasgow
2006-08 Ernest Chambers, B.Sc., CEng., Civil Engineer, Glasgow
2008-10 David K. Harrison, M.Eng, Ph.D,  Professor of Engineering, Glasgow
2010-12 Gordon Grier Thomson Masterton, OBE, Hon.D.Eng, Hon.D.Tech, M.Sc., FREng, FRSE, Civil Engineer, Glasgow
2012-14 Iain Alasdair MacLeod, B.Sc., Ph.D., CEng., Professor of Structural Engineering, Glasgow
2014-16 Philip Godfrey Preston, B.Sc., CEng., Civil Engineer, Glasgow
2016-2018 Karen Dinardo, B.Sc., CEng., Structural Engineer, Glasgow



#1 John Elder Shipbuilder, Glasgow, was elected for session 1869-70 but died before taking office

#2 Resigned

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