Strategy papers


Engineering for Energy
A proposal for governance of the energy system

This paper, authored by the IESIS Energy Strategy Group advises that government planning for energy should be based on engineering methodology via a National Energy Authority.


To Engineer
Strategies for complex problem solving

Authored by IESIS Past President Iain MacLeod, this paper outlines important principles used in successful engineering projects. It makes a case for use of these principles beyond engineering -  for use by all people who seek to solve complex problems


IESIS has published its Transactions since 1857. These annual volumes form a unique record of engineering achievements. In 2014 the style and quality of production were updated and teh publication was renamed as the IESIS Journal of Engineering

Purchasing copies of the Transactions

The following Volumes of Transactions are still available and can be purchased at a cost of £40 plus postage and packaging.
Volume 145 (2001-02) through to Volume 156 (2016-17)
Volume 129 (1985-86) through to Volume 141 (1997-98)
Volume 120 (1976-77) through to Volume 126 (1982-83)

In addition, the secretary will supply copies of individual papers from any of the Volumes of the Transactions for an administration charge of £10 plus postage and packaging. Please make your request using the form on the right.

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Journal of Engineering

Volume157, 2018

This latest edition focuses on infrastructure issues

* Why are three heads better than one? Or: How to prepare for a new Enlightenment by Peter Jones
* Planning and procurement of the Queensferry Crossing in Scotland by Lawrence Shackman and David Climie
* Wall failures in Edinburgh Schools, Drivers behind structural failure by William Crowe
* The legacy of the Tay Bridge Collapse by Iain MacLeod
* Best Practice for engineering contract documents  by James Dow

Vol 156, 2016

This edition has a special feature on manufacturing and contains papers and articles about methods used by leading Scottish manufacturers.


* Engineers and Government - The case for Improving Strategic Risk Management by Gordon Masterton
* Nuclear Power in the UK by Keith Burns
* Disruptive Manufacturing in the 4th Industrial Era by Nick Shields and Gordon Venters
* The Optos Story by Douglas Anderson
* Clansman Dynamics 1994 - Manufacturing is still possible in Scotland by Dick Philbrick
* Scotland's Industrial Development in Economic Perspective by Paul Sweeney and Ian Johnston
* Touch Bionics
* Kongsberg Marine Camera
* Clyde Space CubeSats
* Learning for Engineering Enterprises

Mirror of History

Copies of the following book published by IESIS are also available on request:

Mirror of HistoryMirror of History - A Millennium Commemorative Volume containing 25 of the most influential papers from the 20th Century volumes of Transactions, published in 2000 to coincide with the Millennium celebrations. Authors include Charles Parsons, John Logie Baird, Jackie Stewart and Sir James Lighthill.

£15 plus postage and packaging